General Rental Criteria

Each resident 18 years of age and older must submit a separate rental application. We do not accept co-signors.

  1. Verifiable Gross Income: Gross monthly household income must be at least 3 times the monthly rent. You will need to submit proof of income and upload with your application through our website. The following are the only methods we accept to determine your income:
    • Employees - Payroll stubs from your employer verifying the last 6 months of income. You will need to send your last pay stub from the prior year if your most recent pay stub doesn't show 6 months of income. If you have a new job, please send your offer letter showing your new income, and your prior employment pay stub(s) to show at least 6 months of income history.
    • Self-employed/Independent Contractors - Bank statements showing the last 6 months of deposits, the most recent 1099 and tax return.
    • Official income statements - Social Security, Child Support, Unemployment, Disability, etc.
  2. Credit History: Credit history must show that the applicant has paid bills on time and does not have a history of debt write-offs or accounts that have gone into/are in collection. Medical bills, student loans, and one utility or phone bill (under $300), will be overlooked. Residency will be denied due to late/past due payment history reflected on the applicant's credit report, and may be denied if the monthly debt obligation(s) exceeds 50% of the gross monthly income.
  3. Rental history: Late payments past grace period will be an automatic rejection of your application. No history of any damage to the residence, or an outstanding balance due to a previous landlord. Forcible Entry & Detainers (evictions) unless applicant can provide verifiable documentation of landlord negligence/irresponsibility. However, an eviction due to property damage by the applicant will not be accepted under any circumstance.
  4. Pets: Our properties may or may not accept pets, based on our client's preference. If pets are being considered and/or if you have a service/companion animal, please use this link to submit your pet(s) application(s).
  5. Criminal Background Check: Residency may be denied due to criminal history. Before applying for a residence, please contact us to discuss crimes that may disqualify an applicant for residency.
  6. No Sight Unseen Leases: Our company policy is that at least one applicant for a residence must physically view the residence before we will process/accept an application for tenancy.